Secret Santa with friends

A Secret Santa gift exchange with friends is a great recipe for an evening filled with fun, laughter and happiness. Who’d better know what to get you for Christmas than your friends! Secret Santa is also known as Monito Monita in the Philippines.

Already familiar with Secret Santa? Invite your friends and draw names online.
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Secret Santa with friends

Secret Santa with friends: what do you need?

Before you can celebrate a Secret Santa gift exchange with your friends you have to draw names together. For this you need:

  • A hat, a jar, or a bowl
  • Pieces of paper and a pen
  • Your friends
  • Snacks and drinks (optional)

Have everyone write down their name on a piece of paper and ask everyone to include a wish list with two or three gift suggestions. Put all pieces of paper in a har, a jar, or a bowl. Now let each participant draw a name. Finally, pick a date for your Secret Santa gift exchange.

Secret Santa with friends

Draw names online

Can’t get together before the actual Secret Santa gift exchange? Draw names online via! There is no risk of drawing yourself and there are no slips of paper to lose. supports Email, WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. You can also share your results via Text Message. Each participant can make their wish list online. It’s never been easier to share the joy of gift-giving and celebrating together!
Draw Names Online

The celebration

The names have been drawn, and everyone has gotten their giftee a nice present. The day of your Secret Santa gift exchange has finally arrived. How to go about this celebration? Decide who’s hosting the party beforehand. Is that person taking care of everything or is everyone supposed to bring food and drinks with them? Be clear on this. Also make sure that every participant has labeled their presents beforehand.

Secret Santa gifts

Change it up a little

To decide who gets to unwrap their present first you could throw a dice or make another game out of it. If you want to change it up even more you could also have a White Elephant gift exchange. With this game, you are allowed to steal each other’s presents! Whatever way you decide to celebrate, we hope you have a wonderful Secret Santa or Monito Monita with your friends!

The best Secret Santa gifts

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