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Are you planning to organize a Secret Santa or Monito Monita gift exchange? Draw names online at drawnames.ph. Simply enter the names of the people you want to invite and let our Secret Santa organizer do the rest. Perfect for Christmas or any other festive gift exchange. And best of all, it's fast, fun and free.
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Draw Names Online

Secret Santa rules

The first step to a Secret Santa gift exchange is to determine who will participate, and then draw names. You can draw names from a hat, but it's much easier and more convenient to draw names online.

After the names have been drawn, it is time to buy each other gifts. If you use drawnames.ph, each participant can create their own wish list making it easy to buy a gift for your giftee. Finally, the last step is to get together, celebrate and exchange the gifts.

Draw Names online - How does it work?

Draw names online in a few simple steps: enter the names, add exclusions and group details, send the invitations and draw names. No more risk of drawing yourself, or drawing the same person twice, and no slips of paper to lose. You can even buy your presents online right after the draw.
Draw Names Online

Do you want to draw names without sending an email to everyone? Then send your invitations through WhatsApp, Text Message or Facebook Messenger.

Gift Ideas

The best Secret Santa gifts

Looking for Secret Santa gift ideas? Our gift finder is packed with popular Secret Santa gifts. Easily filter on age, sex, budget and categories to find the best Secret Santa gifts.
Secret Santa Gift Ideas