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Online bunutan exchange gift generator

As Christmas draws closer, it is time to gather with family or barkada to celebrate together. Good food, drinks, togetherness, joy, and of course exchanging gifts! The easiest way to prepare for a Monito Monita or Secret Santa to exchange gifts is by drawing the names online via an online bunutan exchange gift generator.

Do you already know how an online bunutan works? Use our Secret Santa generator and invite your family or barkada for an online bunutan.
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Monito Monita exchange gifts

Monito Monita rules

Secret Santa is a Christmas tradition in which participants are randomly assigned a person to whom they give a gift. In The Philippines, this tradition is called Monito Monita (sometimes also called Manito Manita or Bunot Bunot). The rules of Monito Monita are simple:

  • Agree on a budget and pick a date to exchange gifts. Make sure everyone is available.
  • Do a bunutan for your Secret Santa or Monito Monita.
    The easiest way to do this is with an online bunutan exchange gift generator like
  • Have every participant make a wish list, so everyone can buy each other gifts.
  • Time to celebrate! Get together, have a good time, and exchange the gifts.

Online bunutan exchange gift generator

How to do an online bunutan?

Doing an online bunutan via the drawnames Exchange Gift Generator is fast, simple, and free.

  • Enter the names of the participants and select the number of draws.
  • Choose whether or not you want to set exclusions within the group.
  • Set the details of your exchange gift and write your invitation message.
  • Send the invitations via email, a text message, or by a messenger app.
  • Every invitee can now draw names online and create a wish list.

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Christmas Secret Santa gifts

Monito Monita tips

After the online bunutan it is time to get ready for Christmas. We have gathered some Monito Monita tips to make each gift exchange even more fun.

Gift giving with a twist has become a yearly tradition for many Filipinos. A popular way to celebrate Christmas is by doing multiple gift exchanges. For instance, once a week, or once a day until it’s Christmas. For each gift exchange select a ‘something’ theme. This way you will not only get one present but often two, three, four or even more.

Here are some suggestions: Something funny, something cute, something old, something big, something colorful, something useful, something strange.

Double up the mystery. To make your Christmas gift exchange even more exciting use code names. Who was your Monito or Monita? Who was Spider-Man? The code names can be based on superheroes, celebrities, movies, or TV characters. Be creative! Have everyone pick a code name and use this code name to sign the gifts you are giving. At the end of the gift exchange let each participant guess who is who?

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We wish you a lot of gift-giving joy! May you have an awesome Christmas.
The drawnames team

Christmas in The Philippines

Christmas is the most important holiday in the Philippines. Most Filipinos are Christian, and roughly 80% are Catholic. Traditionally, people attend masses and spend time with family, neighbors, and barkada. Traditions in the Philippines include decorating the Christmas tree, sending Christmas cards, and celebrating together.

You can read more about Christmas in The Philippines in our Christmas article.

Filipino Christmas