Draw Names for any exchange gift with our free Monito Monita App

Invite your friends, family, classmates or colleagues and draw names for a Secret Santa online bunutan with the drawnames Monito Monita app.

  • Includes wish lists and gift finder
  • With exclusion option: who shouldn't draw whom
  • 100% free, no ads, no registration required

The official
drawnames App

The #1 Monito Monita app from the creators of drawnames. 100% free, no in-app purchases, no ads.

Draw names for
any exchange gift

The easiest way to draw names for Christmas, Diwali, Hanukkah, Eid al-Fitr or Valentine's Day.

How does it work?

Enter the names

Enter the names of people you want to invite to your Secret Santa. Set exclusions: who shouldn't draw whom. Select a date and pick a budget for your Secret Santa online bunutan.

Send the invitations

Invite all participants to draw names. Send invitations via any popular messaging app such as text, email, Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp.

Draw the names

Each participant can now draw a name and make a wish list. The app enables the gift exchange organizer to see at a glance who's drawn a name, who's made a wish list and who still has to do that.

Make your wish list

Don't keep your Secret Santa guessing and make your wish list now. Need inspiration? The in-app gift finder is packed with thousands of great Secret Santa gift ideas!